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Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

After you purchase your first set of new hearing aids, often for the first time in many years, you hear anew, the full vibrant sounds of life and realize how much of life's richness you've been missing.... and it's exhilarating.

Here at Professional Hearing Care Centers and, we want to ensure that those sounds remain rich and full for the life of your hearing aids.

Regular cleaning and maintenance prevents those sounds from dulling over time, and extends the life of your devices, so that you get the most out of them.

Follow these three easy steps to maintain your hearing aids:

  • First, always make sure your ears are dry before putting on your aids.

  • Second, always use a closed container to store your aids.

  • And third, remove your aids when you are not using them and remember to switch them off to extend the life of your batteries.

For more information on the cleaning and care of your hearing aids visit your local Professional Hearing Care Center.

You're going to love the way you hear again.

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