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Proper Hearing Testing Can Prevent Permanent Hearing Loss in Florida Patients

You have a regular physical every year. Your doctor examines your reflexes, checks your eyes, and looks into your ears—and so far, you’ve always been given a clean bill of health. But just as your doctor cannot asses your eyeglass prescription by shining a light in your eyes, he cannot tell the amount of hearing loss you have suffered by looking into your ear.

You rely on your optometrist to make sure you can see clearly. Shouldn’t you give your ears the same consideration?

Proper Testing Can Prevent Hearing Loss From Becoming Permanent

Hearing testing is not just a way to determine how much function you have lost, it can help prevent serious complications in the future. For instance, many patients have learned to live with the slurred perception of sound, such as when an “f” sound is heard as an “s.” While not initially hard to live with, this is a common sign of auditory distortion caused by damage to the inner ear. If the condition is not diagnosed, it will likely go untreated, causing the person to suffer further distortion of speech and other sounds, and will often result in permanent loss of hearing.

Early treatment has been shown to be extremely effective in reducing permanent auditory distortion. A properly-fitted hearing aid can reduce auditory distortion by as much as 85 percent over a five-year period, helping patients stay active and independent as they age.

We Determine the Cause of Your Hearing Problem to Find the Right Solution

Our testing goes beyond determining the amount of hearing loss and recommending a hearing aid device. We use a variety of tests to determine not only the amount of hearing lost, but also the cause of the damage, helping us to find a solution that is tailored to you. Our full diagnostic lab allows us to find out all potential causes that could lead to a loss of hearing, including:

  • Heredity. Many cases of hearing loss are inherited through family genetics. Even if you have only suffered hearing loss later in life, there is a good chance that the condition is hereditary. Patients may experience mild, moderate, severe, or profound hearing loss due to family history.
  • Aging. All people will usually suffer some form of hearing loss as they age. Some conditions, such as the ability to hear high-pitched noises, can affect patients beginning in their twenties or thirties, and will usually get progressively worse over time.
  • Noise exposure. High noise levels can cause severe damage at any point in a person’s life. While work exposure (such as construction or industrial work) may cause hearing loss, people living near airports or busy highways may suffer progressive hearing loss due to daily noise exposure.
  • Inner ear damage. Patients who have had a severe illness, such as measles or meningitis, may suffer damage to the auditory nerve, while others suffer hearing loss after trauma to the head or neck.

No matter what caused your hearing loss, our hearing specialists can find a personalized solution to fit your condition and your lifestyle. We can determine the source of the problem and measure the amount of lost hearing function, allowing you to choose a corrective device with confidence. As your trusted health partner, we also schedule regular follow-up tests to check for changes in your condition and ensure that your device is working properly.

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