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Regular Maintenance and Repairs Can Help You Avoid Replacing Your Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are meant to last up to ten years. If regularly cleaned and maintained, your device should give you relatively few problems; however, some hearing aids are susceptible to damage that can affect your ability to hear clearly. A sudden drop, defective wiring, or blocked tube can decrease the effectiveness of your hearing aid, rendering your device almost useless.

Quick Fixes: Hearing Aid Repairs Florida Seniors Can Do at Home

Before you scrap your old device for a newer model, you should consider trying some basic repairs on your hearing aid to fix the problem. The most common minor fixes for hearing aids include:

  • Replacing the battery. Older models may drain batteries more quickly, so it is a good idea to keep extra batteries on hand in case the sound on your device suddenly “cuts out” or “dies.”
  • Cleaning the device. Hearing aids should be cleaned regularly to maintain sound quality. Wax, dirt, and oil can all build up on the surface of your device, but can usually be removed with a small brush or tissue.
  • Changing the wax filter. Many devices have a wax filter to prevent wax from entering the mechanism. Some of these may be changed at home, but more sophisticated devices require tools to change the wax filter. If you are not sure you can change the filter, always take your hearing aid to a professional.

If you are still having trouble with your hearing aid after these simple fixes, you should have a technician examine your device as soon as possible. The hearing specialists at Professional Hearing Care Center can perform diagnostic tests on your hearing aid, make sure your device is tuned to correct your current hearing loss, and cleans and repair your device to get it working again.

How Do Our Hearing Care Professionals Repair a Broken Device?

Our hearing care specialists can do more than simply restore the lost function of your device. We can evaluate your hearing to make sure your hearing aid is still appropriate for your condition, teach you common maintenance and at-home solutions to ensure your hearing aid delivers the best possible sound, and schedule regular check-ups to prevent the problem from happening again.

No matter where you purchased your device, the hearing care professionals at Professional Hearing Care Center will be happy to repair it. If you purchased your device from us, your repairs may even be covered under warranty, allowing us to repair your device at no cost to you. We offer flexible financing options, making it easy for you to get the care and attention you need. Make an appointment at our Lakeland office today by calling the phone number on this page.