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Why It Is Important for Patients to Choose Their Hearing Aids Carefully

Ever since your doctor suggested a hearing aid, you’ve been overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing the right device. You may have asked friends for their recommendations, or even compared a few models online, but it’s impossible to make a decision until you have one in your hands. Can you really trust to a picture or written reviews to choose a device you will rely on for five years or more?

We Give Florida Seniors a Hands-On Approach to Hearing Aid Choices

Professional Hearing Care Center is proud to provide seniors with a wide range of hearing aid models, including the high-performance Widex series. We take the time to explain the benefits of each particular device, allowing you to become familiar with your device and choose your hearing aid with confidence. Our hearing care professionals can help personalize your experience by providing:

  • Guidance. Our specialists can explain the major differences and benefits of our hearing aid styles, such as behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, or in-the-canal models, and explain which would be best for your condition.
  • Fittings. In addition to allowing you to try on a hearing aid prior to purchase, we adjust the device to fit your ear and make sure the amplification is set to your liking.
  • Modifications. As your hearing changes, your device should be modified to restore your lost hearing. We schedule follow-up appointments as needed to test your hearing and make sure your device is providing the nest possible sound.

The Right Hearing Aid Now Can Avoid Painful Complications Later

Patients have often come to us in the past when they feel they can no longer avoid their hearing problems. Some have been urged by their family members to get a hearing test, while others have been told by their doctors that they may need cochlear implants. No matter what has brought you to our office, the hearing specialists at Professional Hearing Care Center can provide the device you need to help you hear—and may even allow you to avoid the pain, risks, and long recovery of surgery.

Our Financing Options Allow You to Choose the Hearing Aid That Is Right for You

At Professional Hearing Care Center, we believe that price should not prevent seniors from getting the corrective care that they need. That is why we offer many flexible financing options to help you pay for the device that it right for you. We make sure that our prices stay competitive with other central Florida providers, as well as guaranteeing a 30-day return policy in case you have a problem with your device.

Our hearing specialists take the time to listen to your concerns and make changes to your treatment based on your needs, helping you to enjoy a fuller, richer life. We stay with you throughout the life of your device, making the necessary modifications to help you hear better and educate you on your options when it’s time to upgrade.

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