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How the Hearing Specialists at PHCC Can Help Improve Your Quality of Life

Some patients don’t realize how bad their hearing has gotten, while others are simply too embarrassed to ask for help. At Professional Hearing Care Center, we take the time to listen to your problems to help find the best solution for your specific hearing loss and budget. Find out more about our services here.

Hearing Testing and ScreeningHearing Testing and Screening

Proper hearing testing is the first step in solving your hearing loss problems. Our hearing specialists perform a wide range of diagnostic screenings to determine the source of your hearing loss, discuss proper prevention techniques, and recommend the optimal device to allow you to hear clearly for years to come.

Hearing Aid DevicesHearing Aid Devices

Choosing the right hearing aid can be a frustrating and expensive process, but at Professional Hearing Care Center, we take the hassle out of shopping for your device. Our hearing care professionals take the time to explain your options, let you test out the test out the devices for yourself, and offer flexible financing options to pair you with the device that is perfect for you.

Hearing Aid RepairHearing Aid Repair

Are you hearing feedback, buzzing, crackling, or no sounds at all from your hearing aid? The hearing specialists at Professional Hearing Care Center can diagnose the problem with your device, perform repairs and maintenance, and keep your device working for several more years (saving you the hassle and expense of buying a new device).

Tinnitus Evaluation and ReliefTinnitus Evaluation and Relief

Is a constant ringing in the ears preventing you from living your life to the fullest? Tinnitus—a persistent noise heard only by the patient—is a common side effect of hearing loss. Our hearing specialists can identify the specific cause of your tinnitus and find a treatment to alleviate or block the sound, restoring your ability to hear clearly.