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Shopping for Hearing Aids

Professional Hearing Care Center can fit you with the right hearing aids designed for your unique hearing needs and lifestyle. We offer you a complete line of hearing aids by two of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers: Unitron and Widex.

The hearing aids we offer are designed to provide you with the ultimate in performance, comfort and personalization to ensure the best hearing experience possible. Today’s newest digital Unitron and Widex hearing aids offer an unmatched listening experience while eliminating some of the frustrating characteristics of older hearing aids. For the first time ever, hearing aids are virtually feedback-free. They provide a more natural listening experience that people love.

We Offer Many Options And Styles

Professional Hearing Care Center offers a wide choice of options, which enables us to satisfy any specific hearing need or budget. Don’t hesitate to call or stop by our offices if you have any questions. We will be happy to fit you with the right hearing aids for your specific needs. Once we’ve screened your hearing, we can explain all of your hearing aid options to you in greater detail.