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Earwax Solutions: An Introduction to Cerumen Management

Cerumen impaction is a technical term for any unwanted wax buildup inside your ear canal. Wax buildup is a very common condition that affects many people. In fact, it is estimated that one in four hearing-impaired patients have varying degrees of cerumen impaction. And it’s a problem that persists over time. In addition, research shows that the prevalence of ongoing wax buildup tends to increase with age, with reports of cerumen impaction in nursing home residents as high as 65%.

At Professional Hearing Care Center, one of the many additional services we provide our hearing aid patients is free monthly cerumen management. Most other hearing centers don’t want to provide this important service, but we do. It’s an important part of our ongoing hearing aid services. Once a month, we will thoroughly and professionally remove any wax buildup inside your ear canal at no charge.

Our wax management service is performed using a high-tech video otoscope. This is a tiny binocular microscope that allows a live view of the inside your ear canal. Along with your technician, you’re able to see the inside of your ear canal on a color flat-screen monitor and see the wax buildup. You’ll also be able to see the results once your ear canal has been properly cleaned and is free of unwanted wax.

It only takes us a few minutes to inspect and clean your ear canals. At PHCC, we encourage you to learn more about cerumen impaction and to take advantage of our free monthly cerumen management service. We care about your well-being and hearing health, and invite you to stop by or call us anytime you have questions or concerns regarding your hearing.