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You Have Nothing to Fear With Your New Hearing Aids

Your worries about hearing aids are based out outdated mythsYou may have been putting this off for a long time, but the time is here to finally get hearing aids. The struggle to participate in conversations, understand movies and TV, and keep up at work has just become too much to handle. You may have been harboring fears about the transition to wearing hearing aids, and we address those fears here.

Some Common Concerns About Wearing Hearing Aids

You may be feeling all alone as you prepare to be fitted for hearing aids, but you should know that the concerns you have about them are shared by many other people. Most of these concerns are based on outdated and false information from well-meaning friends and relatives. Some of the most common worries include:

  • Hearing aids are bulky and unattractive. People with this concern are probably remembering the hearing aids of old. Once upon a time, hearing aids were large and obtrusive, identifying the wearer to everyone in his or her life. Today’s hearing aids, however, are very small and subtle, and some are even invisible. If you are a candidate for an in-the-ear device, no one will know you are wearing a hearing aid at all, and even behind-the-ear devices are much smaller and less noticeable than they used to be.
  • People will think I am handicapped. The stigma that used to be attached to hearing aid wearers has all but disappeared over the years. With people young and old wearing hearing aids for various forms of hearing loss, the idea that only the elderly wear them is just plain wrong. Hearing aid technology is so advanced that no one will accuse you of having any kind of deficit. And besides, if you are able to wear a small device, no one even has to know you are wearing one.
  • New hearing aids are expensive. There truly are excellent hearing aids available to fit every budget. Yes, certain high-tech features can add to the cost, but a basic pair that offers many of the new bells and whistles is surprisingly affordable. With payment plans and possible insurance coverage, purchasing hearing aids does not have to be a strain on your bank account.
  • I won’t be able to work them. As these devices get more advanced, they actually get easier to work. Bluetooth technology can automatically connect your devices to your phone or your in-home sound system—you don’t have to do a thing! In any case, you will not leave our hearing care center without knowing how to operate every feature of your new hearing aids.
  • Hearing aids whistle and squeal. While even new models can whistle when there is feedback, they are easily adjusted to stop the sound. Our hearing care specialists will make sure the fit and settings of your new device eliminate feedback so you won’t be embarrassed by whistling.

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If you have any concerns about wearing a hearing aid, make an appointment for a free hearing test in our Lakeland office and our hearing care professionals will put your mind at ease. We guarantee that the benefits of corrected hearing will far outweigh any drawbacks.