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How much do hearing aids cost?

You may see ads for inexpensive hearing aids available online or at discount retailers, but, as with most things, you will get what you pay for. While high-quality hearing aids with lots of bells and whistles may strike you as pricey at first, you may decide in the end that they will be well worth the cost.

Why Is There Such a Difference in Hearing Aid Prices?

As with any technology, new advancements come at a cost. When you choose a hearing aid that offers cutting-edge technology, you will be paying in part for the following:

  • Research and development. Advancements in hearing aid technology are made every year, thanks to ongoing research within the industry. In an effort to provide the benefits of the latest technology, the cost of research and development is passed on to the consumer.
  • Tiny components. Today’s hearing aids are made up of tiny, delicate components which are expensive to manufacture.
  • Professional service. Unlike self-serve hearing aids from a discount retailer or website, high end hearing aids are custom fitted and the patient is supported as they adjust to wearing them by trained professionals.

While many people are willing to invest in technology when it comes to cell phones, sound systems, televisions, and cars, they often hesitate to put money into something like a hearing aid. When you break down the cost, however, it may not seem so unreasonable.

Why Hearing Aids May Be Worth the High Price Tag

How much you spend on your hearing aids really depends on the features you will use. At Professional Hearing Care Centers, our hearing care providers will discuss various options and how they could enhance your lifestyle. If you are working in a busy office atmosphere, you may want to invest in particular features, while someone who runs marathons or swims frequently may need different features. Either way, investing in the features that will work with your lifestyle will be well worth it in the end.

We Have Solutions for Every Budget

If fancy features are not for you, we can also help you find a budget-friendly pair of hearing aids that will nonetheless improve your quality of life and engagement with friends and family. Schedule your free hearing evaluation today and learn more about the options available at all price ranges.