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How can I protect my hearing aids from water damage?

Not only were your hearing aids a major financial investment, but you depend on them every day to hear the world around you. You can’t afford to lose them to water damage. Take these steps to protect your hearing aids from the damage water and moisture can cause.

Water, Water Everywhere

The number-one reason hearing aids are brought in for repair is water damage. In most cases, forgetful wearers jump into swimming pools or turn on the shower without taking them off, but sometimes, the accumulation of moisture from sweat, raindrops, or outside humidity does the damage. It will be important for you to develop some simple routines to keep your hearing aids dry. Try taking the following steps to protect your devices:

  • Be prepared. Buy several waterproof containers for your hearing aids and keep one in your handbag, glove compartment, gym bag, swim locker, and bathroom counter. Seeing the container will remind you to take your hearing aids out when you are near water.
  • Invest in accessories. If you are frequently near water, whether a pool or beach, it will be worth it for you to purchase a pair of waterproof sleeves. The sleeve will protect the battery compartment, amplifier, case, and controls from splashes of water, but not from full immersion in water. If you plan to swim, you must take the hearing aids out completely.
  • Buy a hearing aid dryer. A dryer or dehumidifier designed specifically for hearing aids could be a worthwhile investment if you find yourself dealing with dampness regularly. After exposure to water, remove the batteries and place your hearing aids in the dryer overnight. If the hearing aids still don’t work the next day, they may need the attention of a professional.
  • Look into insurance. Some of us are simply more prone to accidents than others. For us, it may be worth it to purchase insurance to protect against damage. Check your homeowner’s policy first, as some policies cover hearing aids.

Consider Waterproof Features

While water-resistant hearing aids are more expensive than regular models, they could be worth the investment if you are a regular exerciser or swimmer. Water-resistant hearing aids cannot be immersed in water, but they will withstand sweat, humidity, and splashes of water from boating or hanging out by the pool.

Another option for you could be the new completely waterproof hearing aid from Siemens called the Aquaris. Guaranteeing complete protection from full immersion in water, the Aquaris is a great choice for swimmers or active teens.

Professional Hearing Care Centers Will Help You Make the Best Choice

Our hearing aid specialists will help you find the best hearing aid for your lifestyle. We will not sell you more than you need, but we will make sure your hearing aid fits seamlessly into your life. Call now to talk to one of our hearing care professionals.