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Military Veterans Experiencing Tinnitus in Growing Numbers

Many of us have heard of tinnitus, but few truly understand what this ear-ringing really means. Tinnitus itself is not an actual disease or condition, it’s a symptom—a symptom that can be very annoying, distracting, and frustrating.

Tinnitus is a symptom of several different conditions, including hearing loss, damage to the ear, or even circulatory system issues. People experience tinnitus in different forms, whether it is its signature ringing, or more of a buzzing, squealing, or a deeper roaring noise. For many people, this phantom noise can progress to the point that it interferes with and disrupts the ability to hear actual noises.

Veterans of All Ages Experience Tinnitus at Alarming Rates

Tinnitus is commonly caused by inner ear damage related to long-term noise exposure. Heavy equipment and weapons discharge are frequent culprits, especially for military veterans. The small sensory hairs inside the ear are easily damaged by noises that veterans are exposed to in combat, and have contributed greatly to a new wave of tinnitus cases across the country.

Tinnitus is one of the leading service-related disabilities for veterans in every age group, and the number of cases is steadily increasing. These men and women are making it home safely only to have concentration and memory issues, work problems, depression, and sleep disorders as a result of relentless tinnitus.

What Can Be Done?

Technology has greatly improved how our field treats tinnitus. By conducting a thorough examination, the underlying cause of the tinnitus may be found and treated, which can eliminate the ringing altogether. While the root cause may never be found or could be untreatable, there are many therapies and devices that can suppress the phantom noise to allow more restful sleep and concentration.

If you are a military veteran of any age suffering from a constant ringing or buzzing in your ears, you can find relief with Professional Hearing Care Center. Contact us at 888-906-4199 to schedule an evaluation today, and look forward to a quieter future!

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