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Try These Smartphone Apps to Better Understand Your Hearing Loss

These days, there’s an app for everything—from grocery shopping to booking flights, you can do it all from your smartphone. But are there apps that can help people with hearing loss? You bet! Check out these categories of iPhone and Android apps to find the apps that will help you in your day-to-day life.

Types of Apps That Help People With Hearing Loss

There are a number of ways smartphone apps can help people with hearing loss. Most of the apps fall into these three major categories:

  • Hearing testing. The first step toward hearing loss correction is diagnosing the problem. If you are anxious about going to a professional for a test, you may want to download a hearing test app and take a screening in the comfort of your own home. This could also be an effective way to test a reluctant family member. If the app indicates you have hearing loss, your next step should be to schedule an appointment with a hearing car professional.
  • Sound amplification. These apps make your smartphone work like a speaker, amplifying sound when you are struggling to hear. You can also use these apps to record a lecture or conversation to play back later in case you missed anything. Some people use these apps in place of a hearing aid, but if you find you are relying on a sound amplification app frequently, you should have a comprehensive hearing evaluation and consider getting hearing aids.
  • Remote controls. With an app specially designed to work with your specific hearing aid model, you can use your phone as a remote control for your hearing aids to adjust settings and volume without removing them. These apps can be extremely useful and also allow you to protect your privacy in group settings.

Our Hearing Aid Technicians Can Help

If you are not savvy with modern technology, you are not alone. Our technicians will work with you to not only help you use your hearing aids, but to help you find and install useful apps on your smartphone. Call to schedule a free hearing screening today!


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