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The Sound of Silence: Strong Emotional Effects Linked to Hearing Impairment

As hearing solution professionals, we often focus primarily on the physical causes and effects of hearing loss. It is well-documented that people with hearing impairments often suffer from balance problems and are at an increased risk of falling. They also suffer from cognitive fatigue after straining to hear all day, which can have physical ramifications, as well.

What we don’t talk about much are the psychological effects that hearing loss can have on an individual. As hearing loss becomes more prevalent, the affected person will often become frustrated and embarrassed about their decreasing ability to participate in conversations. Daily tasks that seem mundane may become challenging, and anxiety often presents itself when the individual is faced with social situations.

Why Does This Happen?

Many of the emotional effects of hearing loss are fairly easy to empathize with. We have all been at a crowded, noisy restaurant trying to converse unsuccessfully, only to give up in frustration. Imagine if your life became the bustling restaurant, where you could not escape the feelings of frustration of miscommunication.

For those with hearing loss that has been left untreated, the strain of communicating can often have serious consequences that end in isolation and withdrawal. Relationships that were once close may become resentful, and it is not uncommon for those experiencing hearing loss to suffer from depression.

Hearing impairment can be a very lonely experience and one that is difficult to address from either side of the equation. If you have a loved one who is struggling with hearing loss, it can be challenging to find the right way to broach the topic of hearing solutions. If you are suffering, it is difficult to even know where to begin.

Suffering From Hearing Loss? Let the Professional Hearing Care Center Team Guide You Through the Process!

While losing your hearing can feel like a lonely, isolating time, you are far from alone. Millions of Americans of all ages live with hearing impairments, and many of these individuals have found successful treatments.

If you are feeling embarrassed or overwhelmed, that is completely normal. We understand that there are emotional challenges to tackle on top of finding a hearing solution for you. At our practice, we believe in arming our clients with knowledge and confidence to move forward with a solution that has been custom-tailored to their needs.

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