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The Stress of Socializing: Noise Pollution in Tight Spaces

A few years ago, you probably loved going out to dinner at a favorite restaurant. The food, the wine, the scintillating conversation—dining out was a treat you looked forward to eagerly. The more friends with you, the merrier the evening would always end up.

As your hearing began to deteriorate, however, you began to see dinners or other social gatherings a bit differently. Perhaps you found yourself missing out on conversations and feeling left out. You may have been able to keep up for the most part, but listening took such great concentration that the effort exhausted you.

Over time, you may have started coming up with excuses to avoid these events altogether. When you finally decided to get a hearing aid, you looked forward to returning to your social circle with ease—but you found that you were just as stressed out by the amount of noise. Will you ever find a happy medium?

Sensory Overload: Adjusting to Your New Hearing

When you get a new hearing aid, you may think your hearing will return to normal, but there is a learning curve and adjustment period that will likely become your new way of life. Unlike glasses, which fix your vision instantly, hearing aids will require constant adjustments to help you as you navigate different “soundscapes.”

One of the most common things we hear as hearing solution specialists is that new users can experience a great deal of stress in busy, loud environments. Our brains often are challenged to interpret the new sounds that you are processing from your hearing aid, and in noisy social settings, there are thousands of sounds bombarding your brain at once. This can cause stress and anxiety for new hearing aid users that are not accustomed to life with a hearing solution, but thankfully, there are solutions.

At Professional Hearing Care Center, we can work closely with you to find ways to adjust your hearing aid to your specific needs. Whether you are at the symphony or a bustling café, you can learn how to quickly adjust your hearing aid to make each experience more comfortable for you—and we can help. Contact us today to learn how!

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