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Why Talking on the Cell Phone Is Such a Pain When You Have Hearing Aids

After years of struggling with your hearing loss, you finally bit the bullet and got fitted for hearing aids. While they took some adjustment, you immediately noticed a marked improvement, and began to enjoy taking in the sounds around you once again. It seemed as though you were beginning to get the hang of things, and then you got a phone call.

The sounds was distorted, there was annoying static, and you heard everything except the voice on the other end of the line. Frustrated, you thought that perhaps it was a one-time thing, but with every call you made or received you encountered the same issues.

Phones and Hearing Aids at Odds

The challenges you experienced are not uncommon, and they are very easily addressed. While it can be frustrating to encounter what seems like such a massive roadblock in your hearing solution, there are ways of integrating the two technologies and using them to your advantage.

While hearing aid technology did a marvelous job catching up to standard telephone, cell phones still remain a challenge. Fortunately, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stepped in to referee, and cell phone manufacturers are now making phones that are friendlier for customers with hearing aids and hearing impairments.

One of the primary obstacles in getting cell phones and hearing aids to work together was to ensure that the telecoil, or T-coil, inside many hearing aids could work without interference when the user was on the cell phone. Today, several cell phones are made to be hearing-aid compatible, and there are many cell phone accessories available that can plug into your phone to allow you to hear directly from your hearing aid.

When In Doubt, Ask!

Hearing impairment is becoming increasingly common, and retailers know that in order to be successful, their product and sales staff must be accommodating. If you are searching for a phone that will work seamlessly with your hearing aids, let the salesperson know—they should be well-versed in which phones are capable and compatible, as it is a common request.

Do you have a favorite accessory that has made your cell phone conversations easier? Share your story in the comment section below!


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