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Protect Your Hearing Aids From Summer Sun and Fun

Hearing loss sufferers should never feel limited in what they can do because they wear hearing aids. Participating in fun summer activities is no exception. Wearing hearing aids should not prevent you from enjoying the beach or the pool, but you will need to take a few extra precautions to protect these expensive devices from moisture and debris while you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

Your Hearing Aid’s Worst Enemy

The most important thing to think about in the summer is protecting your hearing aids from moisture. Nothing blows out a hearing aid faster than exposure to any degree of wetness. Summertime presents ample opportunities for your hearing aids to get wet, including the following:

  • Perspiration. Warm summer days bring people outside to garden, exercise, or play a round of golf. When these activities cause you to sweat, moisture can build up in your hearing aids. Wearing a sweat band or visor on your head can stop perspiration before it reaches your hearing aids.
  • Humidity. You just can’t avoid humidity in a Florida summer. Unfortunately, all of that moisture in the air will inevitably settle in your hearing aids. Using a dehumidifier to dry out your hearing aids each night will extend their life.
  • Swimming pools. While you may be very conscientious about removing your hearing aids before you swim, you may not think about the risk of getting splashed or dropping them in a puddle. Store your hearing aids in a waterproof case while you are at the pool.
  • Salt water. Salt water from the Gulf or ocean poses a double threat to hearing aids. Not only can the water damage them, but the salt from seawater can crystallize on them and cause further damage. Consider leaving your hearing aids at home or using a waterproof spandex cover to protect them when you are at the beach.

Debris such as sand and particles from sunscreen and bug sprays can also damage hearing aids in the summertime. Be sure to thoroughly clean your hearing aids every night according to your manufacturer’s instructions. Regular maintenance is also important in the summer.

Professional Hearing Care Center Is Always Here for You

If you think your hearing aids have been damaged by summer moisture or debris, bring them in to our Lakeland, Florida, office for a check-up. We are always happy to help our patients care for their hearing devices!


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