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About the Lakeland Hearing Specialists at Professional Hearing Care Center

Professional Hearing Care Center performs free, no obligation, hearing tests, with a consultation afterwards explaining the level of hearing loss and will demonstrate a few different hearing aids that complement the individual's level of loss. Our main goal is patient satisfaction. Susan and Steffanie work to ensure that each patient has the best possible care, striving to preserve a reputation of providing outstanding patient service. Questions are encouraged, as PHCC understands that the first steps taken toward hearing loss are the most difficult.

The testing phase consists of using modern equipment, including: audiometers, sound booths, Real Ear measurement machines, and a video otoscope. If there is zero or minimal hearing loss found, we suggest a retest about every 18 months to help promote healthy hearing care, also at no cost. Susan will discuss the degree and type of hearing loss with patients after the test, where it will be determined if their loss can be assisted with hearing aids.

PHCC only sells hearing aids that are adjustable, so that the settings can be changed when necessary as the patient's hearing also changes. PHCC sells all size hearing aids, including digital hearing aids, and we also carry a wide variety of products that offer the most advanced wireless hearing aids. We also offer the most economical, including UnitronStarkeySiemens, and Widex. After the patient has decided on the best hearing aid choice for their lifestyle and budget, we will schedule initial weekly or biweekly follow up appointments to 'fine tune' the hearing aids.

Once the patient is familiar with their new aids, we schedule quarterly appointments, to help protect their investment, their hearing aids. During these appointments, Susan will check for earwax accumulation, clean the hearing aids, make any necessary adjustments, and answer questions. Professional Hearing Care Center, where We listen, and You hear.